Friday, October 29, 2010

Case of Daniel Zamlen of Minnesota

Daniel Zamlen   Age 18

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 Tonight i'm profiling the very mysterious case of Daniel Zamlen, he was a student at St. Thomas University in Minnesota, he disappeared on April 5th 2009 after becoming upset at a social event. He left the premises at about 2:00 a.m. and shortly thereafter called a friend and asked her to please pick him up and she said she would, She and another girl went to give him a ride back to his place, but while on the phone talking to him , he suddenly yelled "Oh My God ,Where Are You" and then the phone went dead.

Daniels Body was discovered May 1 ,2009 in the Mississippi River by employees of the near by Ford Motor Company who were doing routine maintenance and cleaning near the River when they spotted his body!

Police theorize that he fell down the Bluffs on the night he went missing, thus yelling for help  while on the phone!

Pictured at the top of this page is the actual demonic type Smiley Face that has been found near many of the bodies of these drowning victims. This demonic graffiti Smiley Face has been found in several different states near the bodies of drowning victims. I have personally seen this in 3 different states!

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Case of Craig Meyers from La Crosse, Wisconsin

Craig Meyers Age 20

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Tonight I'm profiling yet another College man who went missing  and whose body was recovered from a local River.
Craig Meyers disappeared on February 15,2010 and was found the following day drowned  in the Mississippi River.
He was a student at Western Technical College. He went missing around 2:00 a.m. the previous day.

According  to La Crosse Police Craig Meyers spent  Saturday evening at a friends Wedding reception and at a few downtown bars.
Craig Meyers was 5'6" Tall and Weighed 165 lbs. and had Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes.

There has now been a total of  8 Mysterious Drownings of young College men in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area alone.
These drownings have taken place between July 12,1997-September 2006.

The FBI has made the  statement that they don't believe foul play was involved in any of the cases.

As an investigator and television documentary producer, I suspect foul play in most of these cases, whether in La Crosse, St.Paul, or all the way down to Georgia.and others in New York as well!

Also in many of these cases near where the bodies of  these missing persons were found there was a "Smiley  Face" spray painted on rocks and the smiley face also had Horns on it , like a Satanic symbol, and this has been in many cases and in different states!

I will be adding more of these Mysterious drowning cases as time permits, so please check back.

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Case of Bryce Tarter of Savannah, Georgia

Bryce Tarter Age 19

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Tonight I'm profiling another Mysterious Death of  College Student. This is  Bryce Tarter he disappered  New Years Eve 2009 He was a student at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Georgia
He had been at a party Saturday night at Georgia Southern, from there  his friends stated they gave him a ride back to his school Armstrong Atlantic and said his truck was parked there.

His parents believe he was driving home to Gryton, GA about a half an hours drive from his school around 3:30 a.m.. The route they believe that he would have taken home, as it was the most logical was Highway 204 to Old River Road.
He never made it home.

His Truck was found in the River not far from Old River Road, this waterway where the truck was found with him still strapped in the drivers seat had been searched in February and nothing was found. Then it was searched again in April and the truck was found with him inside,very mysterious indeed. And the list of these mysterious drownings of young college men continues till this day!

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Case of Sylvester McCurry of Duluth, Minnesota

Sylvester Mc Curry Age 18

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Tonight I'm profiling another Mysterious Death of a College Student from Minnesota. Here we have Sylvester McCurry he disappeared on January 17, 2010  from Duluth, Minnesota. He had gone to the Star Gate Night Club in Superior, Wisconsin which is across Lake Superior along the state line.

Surveillance cameras from the night clubs security center show him leaving the club and walking down an alley.
 His body was found on May 22,2010 on the City of Superior side of Lake Superior. He had drowned in St. Louis River,according to Police-information they received stated that he had been quite intoxicated during the day of his disappearance.
As a result of his alleged intoxication Authorities considered the possibility that Mr. McCurry tried to cross the St . Louis River or Harbor in an attempt to get back to Duluth. However his family firmly believes that some type of foul play was involved in his disappearance and  demise!

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Case of Josh Snell of Minnesota

Josh Snell Age 20

Tonight I'm profiling the Mysterious Death of Josh Snell. Josh Disappeared on June 12,2005 Josh disappeared on the weekend of June 12th after he had traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to attend a friends wedding.

While there Josh went  to a Bar and then left the bar to go visit another friend,when he never showed up at his friends house, the friend called Josh who said he was running away from someone.

Based on the distressed phone call and Josh's disappearance, Police considered him to be a potentially endangered missing person. A few short hours later Josh's body was found in the Chippewa River.

About 3 hours later Josh's brother Jon arrived at the Medical Examiners Office to make a positive identification and the Coroner told him that Josh's drowning appeared to be accidental.

Now what I would like to know is if  Josh really told his friend that he was running away from someone in fear of his life, wouldn't he have mentioned the name of that someone to the friend just in case something were to happen to him. There are so many unanswered questions in this case that just don't seem to add up to an accidental drowning!

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Jon Lancina Deceased College Student

Jon Lancina Age 19

Good Evening,
Tonight I'm Profiling yet another death of a college student who died under questionable circumstances.
Jon disappeared on January 22,2010 He was last seen leaving a party a few blocks away from Iowa State University where he was a student.
 He left the party before midnight and was headed back to his apartment , but never made it back. He vanished. His body was found in  April  in an abandoned building that used to be a part of the Universities Dairy Farm. This building is in the complete opposite direction of his home.

According to Police he fell down a flight of stairs cutting himself severely on a broken window pane and died there!
His Blood Alcohol level has never been released to the public

As an Investigator of missing persons I would really like to know what his Blood Alcohol levels were, and find it so hard to believe that all of the young men in the following stories just happened to get lost somehow and end up dead by drowning in a River or Lake.

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Coincidental Drownings or Murder,You Be The Judge

Dwight Clark Age 18

Good Evening, Tonight I'm profiling almost a dozen cases of  missing young men who were all College Students,high achievers with many friends, and all from close knit families.
 Due to the lack of time to contribute to this Blog because of  random shooting schedules and Casting Calls I am not able to arrange these in the chronological order that I would have liked to have presented them in!

This is Dwight Clark, he disappeared on September 26,2010. He was 6'2" Tall and weighed 160 lbs, He had Brown Hair and Blue Eyes, Dwight Disappeared from the Bellingham, Washington area where he was a college student at Western Washington University. Dwight had gone to a party not far from home, once leaving the party around midnight for what should have been a short walk home,he simply disappeared!
How did this young man end up a Lagoon in the opposite direction from his home and in area secured by gates and access to the Lagoon difficult to get to because of rugged terrain, and Drowned?

The Sheriff's Office and other Authorities say this was an accidental drowning, that he may have drank too much at the party and wandered aimlessly into the night and to his death by drowning in this isolated Lagoon.

As you will see as I progress to the next 10 or so cases I'm not so sure  that his death or any of the others were accidental at all.

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