Friday, October 29, 2010

Case of Sylvester McCurry of Duluth, Minnesota

Sylvester Mc Curry Age 18

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Tonight I'm profiling another Mysterious Death of a College Student from Minnesota. Here we have Sylvester McCurry he disappeared on January 17, 2010  from Duluth, Minnesota. He had gone to the Star Gate Night Club in Superior, Wisconsin which is across Lake Superior along the state line.

Surveillance cameras from the night clubs security center show him leaving the club and walking down an alley.
 His body was found on May 22,2010 on the City of Superior side of Lake Superior. He had drowned in St. Louis River,according to Police-information they received stated that he had been quite intoxicated during the day of his disappearance.
As a result of his alleged intoxication Authorities considered the possibility that Mr. McCurry tried to cross the St . Louis River or Harbor in an attempt to get back to Duluth. However his family firmly believes that some type of foul play was involved in his disappearance and  demise!

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