Friday, October 29, 2010

Case of Bryce Tarter of Savannah, Georgia

Bryce Tarter Age 19

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Tonight I'm profiling another Mysterious Death of  College Student. This is  Bryce Tarter he disappered  New Years Eve 2009 He was a student at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Georgia
He had been at a party Saturday night at Georgia Southern, from there  his friends stated they gave him a ride back to his school Armstrong Atlantic and said his truck was parked there.

His parents believe he was driving home to Gryton, GA about a half an hours drive from his school around 3:30 a.m.. The route they believe that he would have taken home, as it was the most logical was Highway 204 to Old River Road.
He never made it home.

His Truck was found in the River not far from Old River Road, this waterway where the truck was found with him still strapped in the drivers seat had been searched in February and nothing was found. Then it was searched again in April and the truck was found with him inside,very mysterious indeed. And the list of these mysterious drownings of young college men continues till this day!

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