Monday, October 18, 2010

From the Desk of Anderson Lomarca


  Just a quick hello and "Thank You" to those of you who have been following and reading my posts daily! 

I truly appreciate that and the many emails I have received from people who knew some of these missing persons that I have profiled on my Blog. I appreciate their appreciating the fact that I am not giving up on many of these "Cold Cases", because in most cases someone, not just the perpetrator knows what happened to many of these missing people,and it is my hope that someone will come forward and inform the authorities or me as to what happened to whoever!

I intend to keep posting new profiles every other day or daily if possible, all depends on my work schedule.

. It is interesting to note that most families of missing persons and close friends and others close to the missing persons case,often feel that the Investigative Agency isn't doing enough to help locate the missing person.

In all fairness out of the Hundreds of Searches and Cases I have been involved with,I have for the most part seen the best of the best at work in each and every capacity from Police Detectives, Private Investigators and "outstanding performance" by the many Search and Rescue Teams I have been affiliated with over the years.

True" professionalism" all the way. Not to mention that these search and rescue teams practice all year round to try to be as prepared as possible for whatever type of situation that might come up, like major natural disasters and such.

We are so lucky to have major Search and Rescue Teams in every state in the country. I have been to countries where they have second rate search and rescue teams if that, and some that don't have any, they just depend on whatever police agency they called for assistance and many aren't trained to handle mountain side rescues and situations of the like!

These Search and Rescue Heroes that we all take for granted are all volunteers for the most part, there are some paid professionals that are from Private Investigative Agencies that have special forensics skills that many of us searchers do not possess! These people are paid by the missing persons family or often by some charitable organization.

It is sad however for me to state factually that if a missing person is white and female, young and pretty,there will be a much larger group of volunteers than there would be say if the search was for a Black adult male.

 I have seen this type of situation arise many times through the years and also if a "guy" goes missing the Police Agencies especially aren't that concerned until the guy has been missing without a trace or being heard from for at least 4 days, they just assume he met someone and is shacked up somewhere with them! Sad but true, and in situations like this, time is of the essence!

Most police agencies don't want to file a police report until the missing person has been missing for 24 hours and then it still takes some time to get the search and rescue teams up and running, although they are all prepared to search at a moments notice in all kinds of weather and in all kinds of terrain, these wonderful search teams don't get the recognition or thanks that they truly deserve! 

They put their lives on the line each and every time they go out on a call and often find themselves out on a limb,literally, especially when someone has gone missing during a flood or severe storm. But still when called they are always ready to go!

Once again, I thank you for making my Blog successful and ask each of you to please study the photograph in each profile and be on the lookout for them. As I have stated in several of my posts,all it takes is for one truly aware person to help find a missing person by recognizing them from the photographs posted.

Some of these missing people are still alive even after having been missing for years and are being held against their will somewhere. Many have met unfortunately with foul play and were probably killed within hours of their abduction.

 Many missing persons disappeared on their own accord and are living somewhere, many have some type of mental instability and a family who wants them back dearly!

But to those of you who go out to remote locations like mountain cabins and resorts, places like this are often havens for criminals and for people who felt the need to just walk away from it all, pay close attention to those in your environment when at such places.You never know who you might spot!

You may email with any information on any missing persons case or questions about any of my posts at

  Thanks again to all of you who have made my blog successful! Good Night.

Anderson Lomarca

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