Saturday, October 9, 2010

IATSE = The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

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Today I want to bring to your attention yet another major Film /Television/Music/Theatrical Union.

It is commonly known as IATSE which is an acronym for The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees!
 This is truly a powerful Union and without it's members, Films,Television Productions, Videos,Plays etc. just wouldn't be able to get produced.

This Union is for all the Professional Craftsman that comprise it's membership and who contribute to all kinds of unseen behind the scenes production necessities!

If your interested in working in the Film Industry and are a Professional Craftsman or perhaps an Accountant, membership in this Union could be for you!

This Union represents people in the following Departments.
1, Accounting
2.Art Directors & Artists
3.Construction Department, for construction workers to build sets etc..
4.Costume Designers and Wardrobe Department
5.Film Editors
6.First Aid/On Set Emergency Medical Technicians/Craft services Department
7.Greens Department-Plants ,Flowers etc. for Movie sets etc.
8.Grip Department
9.Hair Department
10.Make -Up Department Cosmetic as well as for special effects!
11.Lighting/Electronics Department
12.Painting Department- This is for House Painters to paint sets and Automotive Painters as well.
13.Production Office Department
14. Script Supervisors Department
15.Set Decorating Department
16.Sound Department
17.Special Effects Department
18. Trade Shows/Special Events/and Staging Departments

I f you're a Professional in anyone one of the above mentioned categories and would like to work in the Film  Industry contact the IATSE Local closest to where you live, they are in every state in the country and in Canada too! Call telephone directory assistance and get the telephone listing for the local nearest you, ask for the listing for , pronounced "I at  see" or visit them online by checking out IATSE.

Thanks for reading my Blog , I hoped this helped many of you that have sent me questions in regards to working behind the scenes in our beloved Film & Television/Music Industries.

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  1. Good Morning Mr. Lomarca,
    That was very interesting and helpful information about the IATSE International Union.
    Thank you,
    Walt Barrett

  2. Good Morning Mr. Barrett,
    Thank you for following my Blog,hope you find it informative and useful!

    Anderson Lomarca