Saturday, October 16, 2010

Missing:Kyle Fleischmann Missing from Charlotte,North Carolina

Kyle Fleischmann age 24 Missing  from Charlotte,N.Carolina

Good Evening,Tonight I am Profiling Kyle Fleischmann who was 24 years old at the time of his disappearance.

Kyle had been out with friends and family on November the 8th 2007 it was a Thursady night and he had gone to a comedy club and after that he went to the Buckhead Saloon with family and friends.  After his family and some friends left, Kyle stayed at the Pub and Security Video Cameras captured images of Kyle leaving alone around 2:20a.m..

Kyle made several phone calls between that time and approximately 3:30 a.m. when he even tried to call his father's office four times in a span of about five minutes,He didn't leave any messages! After that no one has ever seen or heard from him again,.
He just disappeared like so many others without a trace! Someone somewhere knows something, if you're that someone please come forward and tell us what you know, you can remain anonymous and I guarantee you confidentiality! All I want to do is help bring as many missing people back home as possible,whether they're still living or not, families need "answers and closure"!

Kyle was the Vice President of his Fraternity and was very well liked with many friends.
On November the 13th a massive search of the area was conducted starting at the Buckhead Saloon, his last known whereabouts  but not a trace of anything associated with him was ever found!

Kyle Fleischmann is 6ft. tall and weighs 188 pounds and has Medium Brown Hair and Green Eyes.
Please look at the pictures in these profiles carefully and bear them in mind,you never know you might see a missing person at the mall or anyplace for that matter!
If you should happen to see Kyle Fleischmann please call (704) 258-7782

You may email me at

Thanks for viewing my posts and may you & yours always remain safe!

Anderson Lomarca

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