Thursday, October 21, 2010

Special Thanks!

Good evening everyone,

  This notice is a special "Thank You" to all of you who have been reading and following my posts in regards to the profiles of Missing Persons that I represent on my Blog.

I have received a great deal of email from people asking me to please profile a missing person that they knew personally and I definitely will.

If you know someone who has disappeared and can provide me with their photograph and all the pertinent information about them that you can acquire, I will definitely add their profile to my Blog!

Before I go much further, I need to say Thank You to Mr. Walt Barrett who is a Businessman and Internet Entrepreneur from the Providence, Rhode Island area, and a long time internet friend of mine who inspired me to create this Blog!
 Bear in mind I have never met this gentleman or his wonderful family personally as of yet! 

He produces some outstanding Videos on a wide variety of subjects,I favor his beautiful travelogues and slide shows of the Autumn Foliage of New England.

Mr. Barrett is the Owner of the China Depot, you can search his China Depot channel on YouTube and also on Ebay and FaceBook to see the wide array of products that he deals in. This guy sells "Tractors" and other machinery on Ebay and is an Ebay Powerseller!
 Thanks Walt for sharing a lot of your knowledge through the years on so many subjects!

Since creating this Blog I have received several emails on 2 different cases that have provided new leads in a couple of very old and very cold missing persons cases, hopefully these new leads will provide the necessary information to solving these cases and bring some much needed closure to the family and friends of the missing!
My crew and I fly all over the country interviewing family members, friends, acquaintances and even suspects in the cases that I profile.

When someone goes missing it touches the lives of everyone they ever knew, not just family and friends, but even strangers that hear and  read about their disappearance and are intrigued by the "mystery" of their disappearance and the circumstances surrounding it.

I created and Co-Produced a new Television Series tentatively titled "Do I Look Familiar" it deals with nothing but Missing Persons from the United States and Canada. To date we have enough completed episodes for almost 2 seasons

. The show has been purchased and the Production Company's Attorneys  are working out a distribution deal that I hope and pray will be closed in the very near future so that we can get it on the "Air" as soon as possible! 
The television series is viewer interactive and there will be Tip Lines and Email URL's that viewers can use to contact us and provide new leads on all of these unsolved cases. You can remain "anonymous" if necessary.

I cannot reiterate enough how important it is for all of the viewers of  these "missing persons profiles" to really try to study their photographs in a way that will make you remember them. They and their families need all the help we can provide them.

If you are going on vacation soon to another country or wherever, please keep these missing persons in mind!

 Thanks for reading my posts, May you and yours always be "safe"!

Anderson Lomarca

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