Friday, October 15, 2010

Missing: Evgeniy Lushevskiy from Philadelphia,PA- Disappeared while camping in CA

Evgeniy Lushevskiy missing since Oct 31,2004

Good Evening, today's Missing Person's Profile is that of  19 year old Evgeniy Lushevskiy who was visiting a friend  at the Harvey Mudd Claremont College in Claremont CA. After his visit Evgeniy decided to go hiking at the near by Mt. Baldy Resort of the San Bernardino Mountains

He disappeared on Halloween day 0ctober 31,.2004 while backpacking at Mt. Baldy. I personally was involved in this search as were many of my friends as I lived just several miles away from Mt. Baldy and used to frequently hike it's many beautiful and dangerous trails!

Evgeniy's Mother said that he had wilderness survival training when he was a child and that he had also been a Boy Scout for 5 years.

On November the 6th 2004 Searchers found the Backpack he had borrowed from a friend near the summit of Mt. Baldy around the 10,000 ft level. The Backpack contained a Video Camera and the videotape showed Evgeniy building a small campfire and then watching the sunrise the next day.
Also on the tape he could be heard receiving directions to another part of Mt.Baldy from an "unknown person".

We Searchers didn't find anything of his whereabouts, but Authorities don't believe that "foul play" was involved. They believe he became injured or ill and perhaps fell to his death or succumbed to the elements of nature!

I however think differently having searched all that area repeatedly for months after the search was officially called off, every opportunity I had to search me and my Rottweiler dogs searched on our own and never found a trace of him whatsoever! It is my personal belief that he was kidnapped and unless his remains are found on that Mountain I will always believe that!

Also just an odd coincidence that he is Russian just like the other missing young man currently profiled on this Blog. Another interesting coincidence is that Evgeniy was also known to be an outstanding Mathematician just like Mr. Konstantin Salikhov the other Missing Russian young man who also disappeared the day after returning from a camping trip to Sequoia National Forest!

Evgeniy Lushevskiy may be using the name Eugene if he is still alive.
He is 5'ft 8"inches tall and weighed approximately 180 lbs at the time of his disappearance. He has Brown Hair and Hazel Green Eyes.

If you have any information in regards to this case, Please contact me Anderson Lomarca at or contact the Claremont Police at (909) 399-5411

I will be posting more Profiles of missing persons regularly, please look and pay close attention to the photographs that will be posted. Some of these missing persons can and will be found,maybe you'll be the one to spot them.
They all have family and friends that love them dearly and desperately want them back!

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