Friday, October 29, 2010

Case of Craig Meyers from La Crosse, Wisconsin

Craig Meyers Age 20

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Tonight I'm profiling yet another College man who went missing  and whose body was recovered from a local River.
Craig Meyers disappeared on February 15,2010 and was found the following day drowned  in the Mississippi River.
He was a student at Western Technical College. He went missing around 2:00 a.m. the previous day.

According  to La Crosse Police Craig Meyers spent  Saturday evening at a friends Wedding reception and at a few downtown bars.
Craig Meyers was 5'6" Tall and Weighed 165 lbs. and had Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes.

There has now been a total of  8 Mysterious Drownings of young College men in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area alone.
These drownings have taken place between July 12,1997-September 2006.

The FBI has made the  statement that they don't believe foul play was involved in any of the cases.

As an investigator and television documentary producer, I suspect foul play in most of these cases, whether in La Crosse, St.Paul, or all the way down to Georgia.and others in New York as well!

Also in many of these cases near where the bodies of  these missing persons were found there was a "Smiley  Face" spray painted on rocks and the smiley face also had Horns on it , like a Satanic symbol, and this has been in many cases and in different states!

I will be adding more of these Mysterious drowning cases as time permits, so please check back.

Thanks for reading my posts.
Anderson Lomarca

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