Thursday, October 14, 2010

Missing: Konstantin Salikhov from Providence,Rhode Island

Konstantin Salikhov age 31 missing since August 20th , 2010
Good Afternoon,,
  Today I would like to tell you a bit about a new Television Series that I created about Missing Persons.
We have already shot enough Videos for a full seasons worth of shows but are still working out the Distribution deal plus Licensing and other Technical evils of Television and Film Production.

  The show is going to be quite interactive and will have a format similar to that of America's Most Wanted.
I am currently in the process of developing a website for the series and all missing persons that we profile on our show as well as countless others that were not on the show will be Profiled on the website!

Anyone that watches the show and has any information will be able to call Toll Free Hotlines or Email us directly with any pertinent information or suggestions that might help us locate a missing person that has been featured on our show,or if  you have information about any missing person's case you can  call in information on that case as well!

The current tentative Title of this new Series is "Do I Look Familiar", however I am running a lot of other titles around in my mind these days, so if any of you have any title suggestions and wish to send them to me , please do!

Currently I have been working on the case of a missing Russian College graduate of Brown's University "Konstantin Salikhov"  who disappeared after leaving his Providence, R.I. apartment in August and hasn't been seen or heard from since!

Mr.Salikhov is 31 years old, 6ft. tall 190 lbs with medium brown hair and brown eyes, he's an avid Runner and loves backpacking/hiking/and camping. His last known whereabouts were in San Francisco where he returned a Rental Car to a Car Rental Agency on August the 20th and hasn't been seen or heard from since!

San Francisco Police Spokesman Sgt. Mike Andreychak says they investigated this missing person's report at the request of the Providence , R.I. police!

Police in both San Francisco and Rhode Island have confirmed that there has been no activity on Mr. Salikhov's Bank Account or Cell Phone since August 20th which is the last time he called his parents and spoke to them briefly telling them that he was back from a camping trip and was returning the rental car.

Mr.Salikhov's own personal vehicle is also missing. It is described as a light colored (no definite color was provided to us) 2003 Hyundai Elantra with the Rhode Island license plate # 712-678.

Because Mr. Salikhov is 31 years old and unmarried the San Francisco police assume that he is Gay and just hooked up with someone and will return home on his own sooner or later! Only time will tell.

 However Mr. Salikhov was very close to his family back in Russia and has never gone this long a period of time without talking with his beloved parents, who are sick with worry over his disappearance!

Konstantin Salikhov has been described as a loner and a minimalist.

You, yes anyone of you could be the one to break this case wide open by just keeping a lookout for this missing young man and his car and reporting it if you should happen to see it!

My crew and I travel from Coast to Coast searching and interviewing people who were known to be the last person to have seen the missing person, before they disappeared.

If you have any information on this case or any other that will be featured on the show or website once the site is up and running , or here on this post, please contact me directly as soon as possible at

When I interview family members and friends of these missing persons , I can feel their despair,fear , anxiety, and stress and it motivates me to keep searching long after police agencies and others have called off their searches.

During this past month I have participated in grid searches for missing persons in several different states and have also participated in searches by Air as well!

 One caring person can make all the difference in solving one of these missing person's cases,"Will you be the one"?

I am currently based in Las Vegas,N.V.. and our shows will be taped more often than not from the last known location of the missing person being featured on our show or website.

Thanks for reading my posts! There are countless missing people in every state in the country,and I am aware of the fact that some went missing on their own accord, however, when it comes to children, more often than not,foul play is involved as "I'm sure you are aware"!

You may email me at

Thanks again,
Anderson Lomarca


  1. This is a very interesting case in our local area.
    I hope to see all the facts on a video soon.
    Thanks for a great report!

  2. Hello Walt,

    I am aware of the fact that you're from Rhode Island and that this mystery is truly local to you! I am working on a video on this case and hope to be able to upload it to the internet soon.
    Thanks for following my posts.
    Anderson Lomarca

  3. Good Morning Anderson,
    I am really looking forward to that video, as I am really tired of seeing the same old shows on cable every night. I hope someone locates the young man's car soon. I hope everyone is keeping and eye out for it.
    Have a nice day, and thanks for the great blog!

  4. Good Evening Walt,

    I too am looking forward to being able to upload some of the videos we have shot for this series, but I haven't received any licenses from the Production Company at this time to do so.

    I also hope someone locates this missing young man's car soon. I believe it will provide many answers to all kinds of questions in this case.

    Anderson Lomarca

  5. Good morning Anderson,
    The Car may be the key to the whole mystery. I hope that you will be able to release some video clips of the show soon.
    Great Blog!

  6. Good evening Walt,

    Thanks for your kind words on my Blog, and I too hope to get a release from our Licensing Dept. so that I will be able to upload some video clips of our show soon!

    Anderson Lomarca

  7. Anderson-
    This story has captured my interest for about a week now. I'm following it intensely to see how it turns out. One thought, though, that continues to cross my mind, is whether Konstantin could be this years Christopher McCandless. I was wondering if anyone as pondered this possibility?

  8. Hi James,

    I have considered that possibility a number of times in this case especially since he was known to be a minimalist.

    But when working these cases that thought comes into my mind relatively often as many of the missing leave on their own accord never to be seen or heard from again!

    Thanks for reading my posts.

    Anderson Lomarca