Friday, October 29, 2010

Case of Josh Snell of Minnesota

Josh Snell Age 20

Tonight I'm profiling the Mysterious Death of Josh Snell. Josh Disappeared on June 12,2005 Josh disappeared on the weekend of June 12th after he had traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to attend a friends wedding.

While there Josh went  to a Bar and then left the bar to go visit another friend,when he never showed up at his friends house, the friend called Josh who said he was running away from someone.

Based on the distressed phone call and Josh's disappearance, Police considered him to be a potentially endangered missing person. A few short hours later Josh's body was found in the Chippewa River.

About 3 hours later Josh's brother Jon arrived at the Medical Examiners Office to make a positive identification and the Coroner told him that Josh's drowning appeared to be accidental.

Now what I would like to know is if  Josh really told his friend that he was running away from someone in fear of his life, wouldn't he have mentioned the name of that someone to the friend just in case something were to happen to him. There are so many unanswered questions in this case that just don't seem to add up to an accidental drowning!

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