Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Directors Guild of America

I have received many inquiries from Film Students from Major Universities asking which Guild they would most likely want to join after they graduate from college. If you're studying Film and Television Production the Guild you'll want to join is the Directors Guild of America.

 However membership into this Guild is difficult as you must prove yourself worthy and show a Resume of what Productions you have worked on, and in what capacity!

 You must have worked as a 1st Assistant Director, a 2nd Assistant Director, or a 3rd Assistant Director for Film or Television Productions that were Signatory to the Screen Actors Guild.

 You must also get a Letter of Sponsorship from the Producer/Director that you worked under stating their satisfaction with your knowledge and all of Film and Television Production, And naturally there will be hefty initiation fees as well, and dues on top of them, which can be paid in a lump sum or in quarterly installments.

You should call the Directors Guild of America and get the latest updated information because requirements change due to amendments in their association every so often!

Also there is the Producers Guild of America which is for those of you who want to be "Line Producers" in the Film and Television Industry, requirements for membership in their Union is quite similar to the requirements of the Directors Guild.

I hope this answered your questions sufficiently! I wish you all good luck. You'll absolutely love your work in the Film Industry once you're hired. Remember that creativity is a key to great success!

Thanks for taking the time out from your busy schedule to read my posts! Have a nice day.

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