Friday, October 8, 2010

A Real Interesting Website for the Performing Arts ""

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to bring to your attention a website many of you may or may not be familiar with, it is a relatively new website that caters to the "Performing Arts", as well as to Designers,Composers, Writers and other people relative to the Entertainment and other business industries seeking funding for their projects.

If you have a Band ready to record an Album or you're a Designer trying to launch a new line of Clothing, or perhaps you have a Book you're trying to get published and need funding for any of these types of projects, check out 

They are a very interesting business that helps private parties raise venture capital for their projects through "Public Funding". They have a great an interesting website and have already helped quite a few people bring their projects to fruition! View their website , you'll love their concept and what they do!

 Give the kickstarter website a good read, it's affiliated with, so you can rest assured that it is not some fly by night organization! All their terms of use are spelled out and are quite simple.It's truly an innovative and an amazing website, whose time has come!

In the Entertainment Industry your personal creativity can make you soar to social and interesting levels of life that most people only dream about, but there comes a time when all performers really have to stop dreaming and use all their resourcefulness to get ahead. Only those that have real talent and the ability to invent themselves into something that stands out from the crowd will be successful and flourish!

5 of the most successful entertainers in the world are The Rollingstone's, Cher, Madonna, and now Lady Gaga, and of course Elton John ,because the Stone's always created interesting themes for their tours and the others keep re-inventing themselves with outrageous showmanship that sells and sells big time!!

If you're a performer, like a Singer or Dancer, Musician and you're not getting the results or the Bookings that you want, maybe it's time to "re-create" yourself,give yourself a new image. I used to work for Capitol Records  and did a lot of work with the Creative Management Agency helping to create new images for a wide variety of entertainers. If you feel you really are extraordinarily talented and not getting anywhere, try a new image, you can only gain!

In todays world where most of us are on the internet daily and thriving on the Blogosphere, if you're an entertainer and are for example on YouTube which is one of the greatest mediums on the web today, and you're videos aren't getting enough hits, then it's time to re -evaluate what you're doing!

Justin Bieber came out of YouTube and he's totally "rockin" and set for life!

I think most of you that will read the info. on the kickstarter website will find it more than interesting and of use to you or to someone you know in the Performing Arts.

I wish you all well! Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog.

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  1. Another great post, thanks Anderson. I also liked the idea of joining the charity and going to their mixers, unfortunately right now to live I drive a big rig and have been on the road for over a year.....but I do enjoy reading your posts and thank you for myself and others for posting them. I'll check out the website you mentioned and again, thanks for the posting.


  2. Hi Larry,

    You're very welcome man,I am glad you like the posts,like I said in my first Blog , If just one person learns something that can help them in some way,then I feel it's worth posting!
    Hope you & yours have a nice weekend!

    Anderson Lomarca