Friday, October 29, 2010

Coincidental Drownings or Murder,You Be The Judge

Dwight Clark Age 18

Good Evening, Tonight I'm profiling almost a dozen cases of  missing young men who were all College Students,high achievers with many friends, and all from close knit families.
 Due to the lack of time to contribute to this Blog because of  random shooting schedules and Casting Calls I am not able to arrange these in the chronological order that I would have liked to have presented them in!

This is Dwight Clark, he disappeared on September 26,2010. He was 6'2" Tall and weighed 160 lbs, He had Brown Hair and Blue Eyes, Dwight Disappeared from the Bellingham, Washington area where he was a college student at Western Washington University. Dwight had gone to a party not far from home, once leaving the party around midnight for what should have been a short walk home,he simply disappeared!
How did this young man end up a Lagoon in the opposite direction from his home and in area secured by gates and access to the Lagoon difficult to get to because of rugged terrain, and Drowned?

The Sheriff's Office and other Authorities say this was an accidental drowning, that he may have drank too much at the party and wandered aimlessly into the night and to his death by drowning in this isolated Lagoon.

As you will see as I progress to the next 10 or so cases I'm not so sure  that his death or any of the others were accidental at all.

Thanks for reading my posts.
Anderson Lomarca

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