Friday, October 29, 2010

Jon Lancina Deceased College Student

Jon Lancina Age 19

Good Evening,
Tonight I'm Profiling yet another death of a college student who died under questionable circumstances.
Jon disappeared on January 22,2010 He was last seen leaving a party a few blocks away from Iowa State University where he was a student.
 He left the party before midnight and was headed back to his apartment , but never made it back. He vanished. His body was found in  April  in an abandoned building that used to be a part of the Universities Dairy Farm. This building is in the complete opposite direction of his home.

According to Police he fell down a flight of stairs cutting himself severely on a broken window pane and died there!
His Blood Alcohol level has never been released to the public

As an Investigator of missing persons I would really like to know what his Blood Alcohol levels were, and find it so hard to believe that all of the young men in the following stories just happened to get lost somehow and end up dead by drowning in a River or Lake.

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Anderson Lomarca

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